Sports Injuries


Our practitioners have had extensive experience in the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries. We have provided team coverage at elite levels, including professional football (soccer), basketball, cycling, rugby union, iron man and women series and the Olympic Games.

We are currently involved in the sports medicine coverage for a semi-professional football (soccer) team in the NSW Premier League.

To help you reach the optimum potential in the sporting arena, we apply our knowledge of sports medicine in four main stages:

Injury Prevention Stage

  • Pre-season screening
  • Identification of structural imbalances that could lead to an injury
  • Assistance to establish balance and gain maximal fitness, strength and flexibility

 Pain Relief Stage

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Remove pressure from the painful structures
  • Passive stage of care with more frequent hands on treatment

Tissue Repair Stage

  • Muscles, tendons, ligaments and bone take time to heal
  • Guide the repair process to decrease scar tissue formation
  • More active stage of treatment where we begin to restore normal muscle and joint function

Rehabilitation & Re-injury Prevention Stage

  • Promotion of maximal repair and restoration of full function
  • Address the underlying structural causes for your problem
  • Prevent re-injury by improving strength, flexibility and balance
  • Leads to return to full training and fitness
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